We work with organizations seeking growth, market influence, and agility to design and build the next generation of products, services, and experiences.

Headquartered in the greater New York City area with clients on and between coasts, our firm specializes in identifying and developing strategies from the seed of an idea to the execution of a major product or services introduction. We are "math men" with deep operating experience so not only do we develop data-driven growth strategies, but also work with clients on the execution of the plan to ensure that the right resources are deployed to achieve business goals.

Our team has worked on some of the largest and most successful global brands across industries including Apple, AT&T, Citi, Ford, Hubbell Industries, Purdue Pharma, and many others.  Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form to inquire whether our services are right for you.




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Measure Analytics has provided Hubbell Wiring System with the ability to scope, forecast and target profitable emerging industry market trends. In knowing and verifying our immediate market direction using Measure Analytics’ market intelligence and creative marketing ideas, Hubbell & Measure Analytics worked together seamlessly to introduce new product concepts in less than 180 days. In essence, we reduced our new product development process timeline by almost 50%. Our new product Introduction process is now on fast-forward as a result of our partnership with Measure Analytics!
— Steve Antenucci, Vice President & General Manager, Hubbell Wiring Systems
Measure’s market intelligence, creative marketing program development, and channel planning processes added substantially to Purdue’s in-house marketing capabilities, improved the return from the programs themselves and helped the company better connect with the patient community.
— John Stewart, Former President & CEO, Purdue Pharma

Areas of Practice

market modeling/analysis

The customer journey is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about the "Amazon Effect". With the consistent introduction of varying revenue streams and distribution channels, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the complexity. That’s where we come in.



execution support

With stretched resources, do you have the resources to take on the challenge of adding additional work?  We are not only data-driven strategists, but bring a wealth of operating talent to keep your business moving forward without risking burdening your team with additional work that may increase risk. 

business strategy development

The way customers consume information and select channels is constantly in flux, so your business strategies must adapt quickly. Measure strives to anticipate these changes backed by our data analytics and modeling capabilities so you can focus more on execution knowing that you have a team scanning the horizon for threats and opportunities.


Board briefings/presentations

Having completed a deep dive into existing or new markets, identified competitive threats or new product opportunities, we will provide expert assistance in presenting research or new product concepts to your senior team or board of directors with the depth of knowledge to help your organization win approval.

Competitive threat analysis

The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. These tools have opened previously protected markets.  One has to look no further than Uber changing not only how consumers view transportation but how that service impacts the demand for automobiles.  What threats are lurking that your team may not have identified?  Our team provides ongoing analysis of your market and emerging technologies that may impact your business.


product/SERVICE concept RESEARCH

Perspective is one of the elements in the creative process and our team brings a rigorous fresh approach to scanning the competitive landscape to identify and research new product/service opportunities.



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